Why Use a Blog to Build Your Network Marketing Business?

Can you build a successful network marketing, or affiliate marketing, business online? ABSOLUTELY YES! I will show you how I did it, and am doing it again.If you are here you are either in a network marketing business or are considering joining one and want to know if you can use the internet to help you build it.

The answer is: YES YOU CAN!!!

I have been building my network marketing business exclusively online for more than eight years. Actually, I've built it up twice using the Internet. The first time I was a top-5 retailer for two years before I set it aside to work on something else for a couple years. My website-driven network marketing business continued to generate income for me every month even though I wasn't active in my business at all.

I got back into my business full-time about a year and a half ago, got some traction again, and am moving steadily toward reclaiming my top retailer position.

First Disclaimer

I focus on retail sales first, team-building second. Most people who are brought into network marketing, probably you included, are told you have to build a team. You have to build a team. You have to build a team. Over and over.

That's not true.

You are in business to make money. You may have other higher ideals, like helping people (and you should), but at the end of the day you have to be able to pay your bills. There is very little money in a team, at least at first when you are just starting your business. You will make a lot more money if you start selling product right away.

Network Marketing is Changing

The network marketing industry, like any other industry, is regulated by the government. Network marketing companies have to prove that they are a real business and not a pyramid scheme. Currently, the regulators are telling companies that at least 51% of orders have to come from people outside the organization, that is people who are not also distributors. Having a team where everyone has a monthly autoship order isn't going to cut it anymore.

I didn't need the government or my network marketing company to make that decision for me. The math showed me that years ago.

Let's say that your company has a product that sells at retail for $100. It wholesales for $80 and has a commission value of $50.

If a new person joins my team and buys this product, they pay the wholesale price of $80 and I make 20% of the commission value of $50. That's $10 in my pocket. Yay!

Now I get a retail customer who buys the same product.  They pay $100. I get the retail profit of $20 (retail price of $100 minus the wholesale price of $80). I still get my 20% of the commission value for another $10. I make $30 on this sale.

I'm happy to have teammates who use the product. I'll take the $10. I put a whole lot more work into getting the retail customers though (which is usually easier anyway) because that pays better.

Once I'm set up to reap the rewards of retail, then I work on building my team and teaching them to sell the product at retail so that they can start making money right away.

If your teammates are making money in their first few months they are more likely to stay active in their business.

How to Use the Internet to Build Your Business

Now that we are on the same page about retail versus wholesale selling, how do you use the Internet to build your network marketing business?

You create a website about the products. You have a page for each product that your company sells. You write blog posts about the problems that your products solve. Then you share those blog posts on social media. That's exactly the plan that I used to become a top retailer in my company before and is working very well again.

How to build that website and blog and share everything on social media is what this website is all about.

Several people who are also in my network marketing company have asked me if I will show them how to build their own website so that they can do the same thing that I'm doing. I'm very happy to help if I have the time, but it is very time consuming to work with people one-on-one. After all, I still have my own business to work on too, as well as take care of my family.

Level 1

I am writing a PDF document, an e-book if you prefer, that spells out exactly how I built my website and blog so that you can do the same thing. It's all there. If you do the things that I tell you in the book, you will be able to create a website and sell your company's products for retail profit.

BTW, everything I do should work for an affiliate marketing business as well. I run my network marketing business as an affiliate marketing business, so it is all the same.

Level 2

For everyone wanting more support and clearer instructions I am creating a membership site (this site actually). For members I will expand on the instructions with video walking your through all of the tasks involved in getting your website profitable. You will also be able to ask me any questions you have on each section and see what questions other people had.

My hope with the membership site, beyond giving you the best support in your business that I can give, is to build a community of people all helping each other. This community is key for everyone building a successful blog. When everyone in our community is commenting on each others blogs everyone wins. Comments build backlinks and show visitor engagement, two things that the search engines look for when ranking your website. Comments also create social proof on your website so that more people will engage with you, and hopefully buy from you.

Learn more about becoming a member.

If you are already a member, you can login here.

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